October 16, 2004


I've been staying away from the earpiece thing, but now I think it's time to point some stuff out. Here is a Fox video (17MB) that clearly shows the President getting audio prompting during a speech. Then you have the debate gaff where the president clearly told nobody in particular to let him speak.

Now I understand that people think that Bush is a good man. And the they voted for a good man in the 2000 election, and now, nothing has changed, he is still a good man, so they should vote for him again in 2004. But don't we know more about him now? Is a guy who is clearly cheating in a debate a good man?

My guess is that the first debate was horrible because he hadn't practiced wired. They had practiced the debate, and they figured it would just help to have the wire, but Bush was overwhelmed by having at least three different people talking to him; the moderator, Kerry, and the person in his ear. For the second and third debates they probably practiced with the wire, and I imagine all of the funny eye stuff was his way of telling the prompter which questions he was going to take and when he needed help.

Apparently he started wearing a wire after 9/11. Which is why he hadn't practiced with it before in debates. He didn't win in the Gore debates, but then the right was so motivated against Clinton and the left had become some complacent that it didn't matter. Now Bush actually has to debate and he knows he is awful at it. His lousy skills, combined with the worst presidential record in history, signaled to him that he needed to cheat in order to win. And he did. Nice. Pappy should be proud.

The tell-all books that come out in the next couple of years are going to be great! I can't wait.

Posted by jherr at October 16, 2004 10:44 AM
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Kerry cheated too.

Bush won all three debates, contrary to what the media wants you to believe. A Newsweek poll had Kerry up by 2 before the first debate, now Bush is up by 8.

Hopefully you'll have to wait for those trash books until 2008.

pulling a pen out of his front pocket is vastly different than having someone else feed you the answers all night long! Or did Kerry cheat in another way we haven't heard about - enlighten us.

Lying is lying. Cheating is cheating. Wrong is wrong.

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