September 4, 2005

Bush to Black America : "I will let you die"

When white woman Terri Schiavo was dying in Florida the Bush administration flew back from his ranch and the House and Senate were called into emergency session. Bush remained up late into the night to sign this legislation in a dramatic ceremony. The message; if you are white we will do whatever we can to save you.

Flash forward to 45,000 people starving to death and dying on the street of New Orleans while putrified dead bodies and sewer water surround them. Bush, goes golfing. Bush, goes to the baseball game. Condi goes to the theatre. Bush flies around, then comes back to tell a few bad one liners. Bush finally takes a photo op and spends the time saying that they will rebuild Trent Lott's house. A man best known for defending ex-Klansmen Strom Thurman. And the Republican pundits, line up to criticize the people and the media who dare to challenge Bush's letting the poor people die on the streets. The message; The south won the civil war after all if you are poor and black we will let you die in the streets like animals.

This what passes for Christian Conservatism. What would Jesus do? Jesus would let the poor die on the streets wallowing in the own filth. Jesus would bravely wait days to sign the executive orders to release aid. Jesus would prioritize the rescue so white people were save first. Jesus would take photo ops in front of helicopters that were grounded for safety reasons while he was in town, stalling the rescue effort. Is that what Jesus would do? No way.

The people make me sick. It's disgusting. It's wrong. It's un-Christian. God is in the white house. Hardly. More like the Devil.

Posted by jherr at September 4, 2005 8:42 AM
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