October 19, 2005

Terrific review of Podcasting Hacks

Lori turned me on to this review:

The book is full of good advice for podcasters of all levels. They actually went out and talked to podcasters and technology folks to get some great ideas. That's the real benefit of this book -- they talked to these people so you don't have to spend a lot of time researching. They've tested out the microphones and mixers. And they're willing to tell you when an inespensive solution works as well ...

This is great because it reinforces what I have tried to do in my books. To research topics in depth, talk with a lot of folks, and then condense all of that into a genuine resource for the reader. So you aren't just buying my opinion, you are buying a lot of research and the condensed opinions of a lot of folks.

The reviews so far have all been great, but I really like ones like this. It validates what Brian, James and I did, and all of the contributions from folks like Jay Allison, Craig Patchett, Jeff Towne, amongst others.

I actually don't know what the sales numbers are like, but I think Podcasting Hacks is going to start slow and then grow as the reviews come in and I do more PR work for it. Podcasting is a fascinating topic and I think the book stands as a good reference work for it.

Posted by jherr at October 19, 2005 11:47 AM
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