October 27, 2006

Lynn Cheney

Lynn Cheney can go fuck herself. As her husband would say. Now she is going around saying that anyone who doesn't agree with Bush wants us to lose. That's total horseshit. She knows it. And yet she feels empowered to say it anyway. The people who want us out want to refocus our efforts properly on the main target, Al Qaeda. The people who want us to "stay the course", as Bush is so fond of saying, live in a fantasy land and have no idea about what "winning it" means, or even how to get there. And to say that people who choose to live in the real world, to try and address the real problems, somehow want us to lose. It's outrageous. Fuck them! And fuck her! Next person who tries that shit on me will get an earful. I've had it up to here with Republicans and their blind faith jingoistic bullshit.

Posted by jherr at October 27, 2006 5:29 PM
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