May 27, 2007

Friday Mission Peak Hike

On Friday Eric and I hiked with Harold Davis up to the top of Mission Peak. He took some photos along the way, but the real reason he was for the pictures after the sun had set. His results are astounding. You just wouldn't expect to see this much detail from pictures taken in the black of night, but the camera finds a way to find all the photons it can on his 30 second exposures.

For my part, I really enjoyed the company. We had some great conversations about work and life in the valley. I have come to look at Mission Peak like some sort of beautiful, but mean, beast. I run up it, hit the top, and get back down fast because the sweat on my shirt makes the summit super cold. But staying there for as long as we did, I really gained a new appreciation for the hill. I'll have to go up another time soon and hike south along the ridge. I think you can get a far ways down and see some different angles of the valley.

In the meantime the next site for hiking appears to be an SFO overlook from the area around Skyline College. Much less of a hike and much more about enjoying the view. For that I'll bring some food, hot chocolate, and more comfortable clothes.

I suppose I should apologize to Harold for patronizing him about the hike. Honestly, he handled it better than anyone I have gone with their first time up. It's really about pacing yourself, and he did a good job of finding a pace that worked for him and left lots of energy for a late night photo shoot and pitch black decent.

Posted by jherr at May 27, 2007 4:21 PM
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