July 25, 2008

Beck: Obama is Mussolini

Glenn Beck seems to think that Obama is going "be another Mussolini". Honestly, I think he just picked the name out of a hat that contained lots of "bad people". Plus, everyone is saying "Hitler", so why not be different?

Of course, that does bring up the question, what were Mussolini's economic policies. Let's have a look at the Wikipedia entry for the National Fascist Party and what it has to say about economics:

In power, the party attempted to form an economic policy that was a "third way" between capitalism and socialism, this was called Corporatism. In theory, trade unions and businesses would unite to form a cooperative organization to establish wages, hours of labour, and other issues. However when attempted to be put into practice, corporatism was heavily criticized by the industries who had provided financing in the past to Mussolini to protect them from socialism, and demanded that he keep the labour movement weakened to maintain their support, to which Mussolini and the party agreed, causing corporatism to favour businesses over workers who could only be in Fascist unions.

Hmmm... Doesn't really sound so socialist to me? Most conservatives seem to think Obama is a socialist. For example, McCain supporter Mario from Miami writes "Senator Obama, are you a Socialist? and if your answer is no, explain how are you not a Socialist?"

I'm confused now. Is he a fascist, a socialist, a communist, all of the above, none of the above?

I certainly don't think the word fascist applies the way Glenn thinks it does. But hey, why let facts and stuff get in the way of a good smear word. Mussolini. It sounds so... European! That can't be good.

Posted by jherr at July 25, 2008 2:55 PM
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