August 21, 2010

Only Slaves Have Names In ALL CAPS

I love the really whacked conspiracy theories. The one I heard most recently was from an ousted moderate Republican who was complaining that his constituents thought they were owned by the Federal Reserve because their birth certificates were bank notes. And because, even more ominously, their names were in ALL CAPS. Duh... Duh... Duh! (Ominous music.) Apparently you are only half a slave if your first name is in mixed case and your last name is all caps. But if it's all caps, well, sucks to be you... slave.

I suppose the best part about this particularly conspiracy theory is that you can't write about it in ALL CAPS. Which means it's going to have a tough time getting around the 70+ email circuit.

Seriously though, moderate Republicans, my friends. You guys embraced this kind of crap when it was anti-Clinton. Now that it's gone off the rails and you guys are suffering too, well, you live be the sword...

Posted by jherr at August 21, 2010 10:33 AM
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