August 23, 2010

Great Weekend

What a great weekend! It started with an early morning half-marathon run. Then Lori, Megan and I went to Alameda to go biking. It started off a little dodgy. We ate Wing Stop, which was nasty. It was hard to park around the beach. And then once we did park the first part of the trail smelled really bad. But after that, wow! The sun was out, the beach was awesome. The ride was gorgeous. We even went across a bike bridge onto another island and biked around there. Very cool.

On Sunday we biked over to Andersens bakery for lunch. Then came back and hung out at the house. I did some fixit-y type stuff in the garage and all was well with the world. I even got a little time in to play some more Lara Croft.

So, wow, what an awesome weekend. Too bad summer is ending soon, now that it's finally here. This weather is amazing. On the plus side, Megan will be going back to school which means that Lori and I might be able to get in a lunch-time ride somewhere and kick the throttle up a little bit. Megan is still a little slow on the bike, it's not her fault, it's a single fixed gear bike. But hopefully with some more practice we will feel comfortable getting her on a bike with gears.

Posted by jherr at August 23, 2010 10:18 AM
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