October 13, 2010

1.32 mile lagoon swim

Last weekend I took Megan and Oso to the beach in Foster City and I brought my wet suit so that I could go in too. That gave me the idea to do some open water swims. Lori was concerned about my going alone, and rightly so. So I decided to do a lagoon swim in Foster City instead. The entry point into the water is just three blocks from my office so it was no problem to go there first, swim, then come back and use the gym at the office to rinse off.

I started at Mariners Island Park and swam to Lagoon Island Park (which is really just a patch of crap out in the middle of the lagoon):

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Gotta say, first impression, open water swimming is so much better than pool swimming. You can work on your stroke. You don't have to worry about other people. You don't have to start and stop all the time. But the two big pluses are, first, it's not so freaking boring, you can actually see people, dogs, houses, boats, all that stuff. And secondly, it gives you confidence that you are actually capable of swimming. I swam for years in pools and it really doesn't give you that same confidence that you could just drop into the water and get somewhere.

This is definitely going to become a weekly workout. If not twice a week. There are definitely ways I could push it out to two or even three miles in a single swim. Of course, I would have to start at dawn, but hell, wow, it's so much fun and so worth it.

The longer swim will probably be from the park, to the island, then down to parkside aquatic park, then back to mariners island park. According to MapMyRun that would be 2.25 miles. Certainly the longest continuous swim I've ever done.

Awesome start to a day! Of couse, if I die some some waterborne illness in the next 24 hours I probably won't be so stoked. But hey, things happen.

Posted by jherr at October 13, 2010 9:32 AM
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