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April 11, 2017


well will you look at that - I still have a blog -

We've moved north - to Oregon. We live in a wooded hill called Spring Mountain - where coyote and deer are our neighbors.

If any one even checks this page maybe I'll go back to writing here - since I've cut way back on facebook. Facebook which became a hot mess of politics and name calling. I obsessed and checked it hourly and found my calm disappearing. So after the election were we ended up with the orange orangoutang I deleted it from my phone - Still checking it occasionally from my laptop but only once a day at most. Some days I'm in bed almost asleep when I realize Ive missed a whole day and i'm so pleased with that. I can still post pictures and share what I'm doing but with out even logging into it on my phone. This all makes me happy - Calm restored.

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