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May 31, 2014

Walking is working...

I've been seeing a whole lot of doctors lately. Some for actual issues and some for check ups. There has been good news and great news. No real bad news but a few issues that need work, like I was diagnosed with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)- which I always thought was a made up disease by the pharmaceutical companies - turns out its real - I know now because I have it.

But the best news is my basic blood work. For the first time in my adult life - my cholesterol is normal. And better still - by good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels are where they should be - no more concern or worry by my doctors.

And I know - I owe it all to walking - the 7 or so miles I try to walk a day - have really started to pay off. I've lost a little weight but more I've lost several clothing sizes and am able to shop in stores that only go up to 16. I'm not where i want to be yet - and I still want to walk up Mission Peak - but I'm getting there and I feel great.

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